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Use This Natural Remedy To Avoid Itchy Bug Bites

It's the middle of summer, and you've probably found mosquitos, stinging bugs, and maybe even spiders around the house and in your car. Gross right?! If you're tired of itchy bug bites, and want to repel those bugs naturally, keep reading.

Peppermint Oil Is Your New Best Friend

Did you know that this oil, naturally derived from a plant that thrives in gardens across America, has many strengths? According to, this oil naturally soothes and refreshes your skin. It can help with minor pain relief and itching. Some studies have even shown that it can help hair growth! But possibly the most important feature is why we have added it to our Bye Bye Bug Spray.

Repel Bugs Naturally

Many studies show that peppermint naturally repels all kinds of insects, and sometimes even mice! While our Bye Bye Bug Spray may not repel mice if you spray it on your skin, it definitely will repel insects like mosquitos, bees, spiders, and more. They just don't like the menthol in the oil!

We love how safe this bug spray is. Peppermint oil won't pose any risks to your kids or your furry friends. And our spray has simple, natural ingredients that easily rinse off at the end of the day. No more weird residues or stinky chemical smells!

See The Difference With Bye Bye Bug Spray

If you're ready to ENJOY wearing your bug spray, and still see the powerful bug-repelling results, don't wait! Use this link to shop Bye Bye Bug Spray, plus all our other great Clean It Best merchandise.

Did you know we started this company to help families and business keep their spaces clean? If you're in the Northwest Indiana or Chicagoland areas, get your free quote on a cleaning service today!

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